A downloadable game for Windows

They say that Man is the deadliest weapon.

Join Bullet Willy on his heroic quest for vengeance against the crime syndicate that tragically took the lives of so many of his bullet buddies by firing them from their 9mm's.

Use Willy's bazooka (which uses ragdoll humans as ammo) to dole out some poetic justice for all bulletkind. Be sure to pick up the weapon drops and speed powerups to deal with the increasing waves of enemies in this survival shooter.


  • WASD - movement
  • mouse - turn/aim
  • left click - fire

Your ammo is represented by hearts , which will refill after a few seconds of not firing depending on the weapon type (since everyone knows human health regenerates rapidly when it is not being depleted).

Thanks to matthew.pablo and Zander Noriega for the music.

Made for Ludum Dare 32.


BulletTime.zip 37 MB